• Happy New Year!

    We’ve had quite a year here at the Frame Depot.  It started with our owner, Claudine breaking her leg skiing in January.  After that the first three or so months were a blur as we dealt with having one less person as a framer.  This summer brought us one of our busiest ever which was exciting.  Fall came with a new look for our building outside and a lot more framing and we ended with another wonderful Christmas season.  We are so blessed to have such great customers and we enjoy meeting new ones every day.  We have framed some unique items this year; the bark from a tree, a height chart on drywall, and numerous rugs come to mind.  We even had the pleasure of cheering on Jan as she competed in a National Framing Competition in January at the West Coast Art and Frame Show.  

    So Cheers to 2017, we hope 2018 brings you lots of love, fun and prosperity.  

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